Welcome to the VoxeLands revival site. Of VoxeLands take a bite. It's VoxeLands all day and all night. There's no need to feel a fright. VoxeLands is here, the wonder is sheer, VoxeLands all day and all night.

voxelands.net is back. It's under new management, but the program is the same for now. This is a draft site. Allow until maybe mid-2020 for things to stabilize.

A VoxeLands test world is online at voxelands.net port 30090. The hostname and port number may change later.

To visit the world, you'll need a VoxeLands client program. If you're a VoxeLands fan, you already have one. For others, we'll be releasing build kits and binary packages later.

The copyright to me (OldCoder) in the footer is for the website and original content. It has nothing to do with work by DarkRose, Menche, and other past VoxeLands contributors.

The broken links in the footer will be fixed.

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Voxelton, presently at minebest.org UDP port 30090
Voxelton, a VoxeLands test world

To do or discuss:

* voxelands-server ignores --port switch and port= conf-file parameter. But if the right port command is added to world.cfg, it works. Is this as expected?

* Set up a server list.
* Linux, Windows, and BSD build kits and binaries
* Is there a way to protect areas or builds?
* Replace site section textures with VoxeLands textures.

* VoxeLands seems to store site data in $HOME/.local/ even if RUN_IN_PLACE=1 is used at build time. Is this as expected?

Game notes, mostly from Menche:

These will be moved to other pages and organized.

* The break animation needs to be fiddled with (it doesn't go away when it should).

* Next thing high on the list is mobs. Voxelands can not handle very many active objects.

* Did you notice the parcels? Items are never dropped on the ground like in minetest; a parcel is created near where they'd fall and they're added to its inventory. Nodes instead of objects = less server strain.

* Leaves are climbable. Foliage is more dense — no longer solid, but dense. This makes it harder to see things, but it also feels more real.

* somewhat annoyed at how the leaves make it difficult to isolate single nodes.

* is more annoying when picking apples: our apples regrow, but you have to be careful not to remove too many leaves

when an apple is picked it is replaced with a leaf block; in the spring leaf blocks have a chance to be replaced with apple blossoms and then apples

* voxelands also has four seasons. the grass changes color and snow appears and disappears

* because clothes are no longer built in to the skins, to prevent players from running around in their undies, you can also now die of exposure

* players with less than average raiment will take cold damage in certain biomes, and you need extra warm things (or drink a coffee for a warming effect) to survive in the snow

* actually tea gives the warming effect, coffee gives a stamina boost

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